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Questions about Laser Removal

Part 1 So, you have an old tattoo that you want to remove. Simple question, right? Yes and no… let’s throw some logic into it. Of course, you want it to be removed ASAP – there is no question in that, but there is always a ?BUT?:
  • How?
  • Who?
  • How long?
  • How much?
  • How often?
  • … and more
The FIRST Questions you should ask yourself: ?How safe do you want it to be removed?? The Goal and the Mission – to remove “this tattoo and memory of it” ASAP. Rubbing a grater over your tattoo will “remove” it and take off the skin leaving an unsightly scar. The same with all the “home remedies” – please don’t do it! You are likely to end up in an emergency room after that… In some cases plastic surgery and skin graft is an option… Laser Removal – is the safest way to remove a tattoo?nowadays, but only when?the right laser and technique used. Please, do check the licensing and certifications. Not all have proper extensive training in laser, so, ask for recommendations, read reviews, do the homework ahead of time. How comfortable are you with a patchy of color and little discoloration of the skin while going through the process??A lot of times the tattoo doesn?t go away evenly…that’s just a part of the “process”, depends on size, location, age, etc. The ink might change color. Are you prepared to walk around with gray or black lips if you are removing old purple LipLiner? Part 2 First thing you would want to know is “how much” – you might be not happy to read this… BUT a laser specialist really needs to see you and your tattoo (and, believe it or not – actually touch it), as there are many factors that will affect the whole process that can’t be visible from pictures you are willing to send for an “estimate”. Other important factors:
  • the age (yours and the tattoo)
  • lifestyle (as UV rays affect the ink in your skin)
  • do you have another tattoo overlay or had a cover tattoo done
  • was it done professionally or not
  • moles, age spots, scars, skin conditions in general (eczema, acne, etc)
  • medications taken a couple of months ago could be a big factor and delay your first appointment
All simple questions but we need to know everything, and still won’t be able to give you an exact number of sessions. Statistically – it might take up to 2 years to completely remove a tattoo that the artist spent 20 minutes on (see all the factors in PART 1). Part 3 Then you’ll ask “how soon can I come back? Tomorrow? Next week?” Calm down! Of course, you are excited to finally get rid of your ex’s initials from your body and forget that ever happened…., and we are happy to help you…BUT! The laser is not getting rid of your tattoo – your body does the work of moving away from all the particles! The Big Scary Laser at TheSaltBox does the “mining work” of exploding and crushing ink particles too small enough pieces for your body to move them through the lymphatic system and out. Easy, right? …another “but” is coming…..Yes… BUT…it takes time. Anywhere from 6 weeks and up, and, this number again, depends on my factors: lifestyle, exposure to UV rays, overall health state, your age, medication, etc. Basically – the longer time between sessions the better, we recommend start with 8 weeks before the 2nd session and go 9 and 10 weeks after that. In conclusion – all we can say: TRUST YOUR SPECIALIST and don’t rush the process. Only then you will be happy with the outcome of laser tattoo removal. We are so lucky to live during wonderful times when tattoo removal is possible without skin damage (if it’s done right of course). Sidenote for ladies – never do it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, even if your family doctor telling you “it’s ok” – because?scary face?it’s absolutely NOT OK!!?

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